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Update by user Feb 21

Update. They have had my camper in the shop over a month now.

I called Camping World on Feb 15th for an update. They had NOT ordered the parts yet! I told them they had until the end of the day to produce an order number. I called Starcraft and asked if they had heard from Camping World.

They said they had JUST placed the order right before I called them! If I didn't call, how much longer were they going to wait? It's bad enough we were told that the parts could take 6 to 8 weeks to order BEFORE they even ordered them! I have sent e-mails and phone calls to Starcraft CEO, and Customer Service Managers.

Finally today I was able to talk to Cary Jones, the CSM and he said he was going to check my file and call me today or tomorrow with an update. He seemed genuinely concerned about how we were treated by Camping World, and all of the issues with our TT. I'll let you know what happens after out next phone call. P.S.

We were told they would get the Roof done in a week and a half. It was done in 3 days. We were told it was going to be about $15000 for the new roof, it was only $6000 with over $3000 just in Labor. Starcraft had the Magnum Roof System, which was why we purchased it.

It was supposed to be 50% stronger than the competitors roof system. I honestly don't think that is what they replaced it with!

I will find out that too tomorrow! I'll keep you posted!

Update by user Jan 16

So here's an update since my last comments. I was cleaning out my unit to bring into the service department so they can put the new roof on and I discovered both my slideouts have been leaking!

I have water damage and now BLACK MOLD in my unit! We also found another leak in the emergency window. Starcraft wont discuss any further warranties until the unit gets in the shop. We were told it could take up to 2 months for them to get the parts they need to repair the mold issue and replace the wood.

All of these issues have severly depreciated the value of this unit! Now its yet another waiting game between Starcraft and Camping World.

Original review posted by user Dec 17, 2018

We purchased our 2018 Starcraft Autumn Ridge 339BHTS in May 2018 from a dealership and Started using it in July.

Since then the decals are bubbling off, the AC was wired wrong and we had a fire in the AC unit! The circuit breaker was supposed to trip off but didnt.

That needed to be replaced. The sensors on the tanks read full all the time even after we dump and flush them out. The wood work is falling apart. The tap lights break easily.

They never put a bevel in the slide out for the refrigerator to circulate the air so the refrigerator wouldn't get cold. They had to build one! The worst is I need a whole new roof! All the screws are backing out of the roof and puncturing the membrane of the roof.

The seams are popping up too, as well as it was not properly caulked and sealed right! I purchased a $30,000 POS! They took from August to December to start with the warranty repairs! Now I have to schedule the roof!

This company was known for their well built boats back in the day. We thought Starcraft was the way to go for quality.

Boy were we WRONG!!! SHAMEFUL!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Starcraft Rv Autumn Ridge 339Bhts Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: I want Starcraft to take back this unit and pay off my remaining balance on my loan! .

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The link below is all the photos of issues we are having with this camper..... Still waiting on Starcraft.

It's been in the shop for 3 days now.

to EducatedBongo #1637833

WOW... we were way close to buying a little Starcraft launch.

I am debating this now.

Sooo sorry you guys are having such MAJOR issues. Hope all gets resolved in your favor.


We have had the same experience with our Starcraft Satellite! Our roof is leaking, causing mold and rusted staples popping out on our new camper, the controls are malfunctioning and Camping World has kept it for months.

They tried to return it to us a month ago with replaced controls but in a moldy damaged state! These people need to be sued!

I want my money back for this POS! How many people are going to be ripped off before things are right?

to Ellie Seibert #1634072

We should try a class action law suit against the manufacturer! I've read many other problems people are having. Check out this link of all the damages of my camper..

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