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I have 2018 StarCraft Avalon 26 dbh it is in the repair shop at camping world Syracuse New York I’ve had a few issues with different items but this time it has to do with the Roof Where the front roof panel meets the roof the seam ripped open there was a 3 to 4 inch gap and a caused water to leak in on top of my bed has there been any other problems for anybody knows about

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I'm dealing with a similar issue. All the screws in the roof are backing out of my 2018 Autumn Ridge 339BHTS.

They did a *** job with the sealant too. We had a tech go up on the roof and he said it was poor manufacturing. The dealer put in a work order and Starcraft approved a whole new roof under their warranty. We've had many other issues too.

AC caught fire, things falling apart.

They even admitted they had a bad batch of decals that are bubbling off. They just dont produce quality products anymore it seems.

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