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I bought my StarCraft autumn Ridge October 2017. It has been in the shop three times and each time is been a month or more at the shop.

It is under warranty and it seems like the warranty department takes their time and StarCraft parts ship whenever they get ready to it takes 3 to 4 weeks to get the parts. First time I was in the shop they had to replace the inverter the next time I was in the shop they had to replace seals around the windows. And the third time I was in the shop the shower Support gave away the bathroom door would not latch more seals around the windows coming off refrigerator does not work on Electric And the siding on the side was coming off.

I spent a lot of money on this to go on vacation three or four times a year and have missed two out of the vacations because the camper was not ready. This is about ridiculous and their customer support is horrible

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sounds like I will not be buying a starcraft

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