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I am a STAR CRAFT owner and have written a review/complaint myself. The problem is that STAR CRAFT done not care. The review I wrote was replied with, "We will look into your issues and get back to you", never heard another word.

My trailer is just over 2 years old, my canopy is separating from the camper, my couch/pull out bed is peeling,/Duck tape repair , refrigerator door hinges broke, replaced door myself, LED light around canopy fell off the camper, I disconnected them while in a rest stop, and now the power jack in front works intermittently with no manual crank in an emergency.

This all in the last four months.

What next STAR CRAFT?? The trailer is only 2 years 4 months old.

Can you honestly say you sell a quality product that will provide years of enjoyment to any family.

I know people who have cam Shocked p trailers for 10 plus years with less issues.

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I am from Canada and bought a StarCraft 19BHS launch, I have had just over 2 years has been in shop twice and now again for two months. Tried calling StarCraft and said it's my dealer not comuticating with and vice versa.

I am told 2 different stories and have had enough. If something is not done soon I will get the media involved. At this point is have no other choice.

Lost money from this matter and I am very disappointed in how all this being handled. StarCraft buyers beware of this they just don't care all they want is to make money.

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